The Eiffel Tower

Paris of the Prairies? Hi-Tec Can Build It!

Paris of the Prairies

Just when you thought Saskatchewan didn’t have famous architecture, Montmartre has gone and exceeded our expectations creating a site worth seeing. A quick Ninety Kilometres East of Regina you will find one of the many wonders of Saskatchewan. Standing an impressive 8.5 Meters tall this structure is exactly 1/32 the size of the original Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

Well, we’re here to let you in on a little secret, this Eiffel Tower made completely out of steel was cut by the fine folks here at Hi-Tec Profiles! We can create whatever it is that you’re thinking with precision cut steel to ensure your job (or art piece) looks its’ best for years to come.

Saskatchewan is home to the Paris of the Prairies, all because one town wanted to make a landmark worth coming to see. If you head on down to Montmartre to see the New Eiffel Tower you may want to stop by Sister Bistro just down the street, we hear great things about it!

Montmartre_Eiffel_Tower-paris of the prairies

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It’s 1996, Hi-Tec is Growing!

On July 18 1996, the Deputy Premier and Minister of Economic Development Dwain Lingenfelter was quoted as saying: “Hi-Tec Profiles is a perfect example of a Saskatchewan company that is creating jobs by taking advantage of both our province’s existing strengths and opportunities resulting from new technologies.” That philosophy is a key aspect of the province’s economic strategy, Partnership for Growth.”

cutting steel since 95

One year earlier, in 1995, Hi-Tec Profiles was just getting started with five employees. 1996 brought the team count to 15. A great growth rate in those years. Here’s a quote from the President at the time, Dwayne Henry: “There has been a strong demand for our products, and we’re pleased with how quickly we’ve been able to build up our client base. While the majority of our customers come from Saskatchewan, we are actively pursuing opportunities outside Saskatchewan’s borders, including the highly competitive American market.”

cutting steel at hit-tec-since 95

Fast forward 24 years, and Hi-Tec Profiles has a few more than 15 employees, close to 100 to be exact. Though we’ve grown our numbers, the attitude on the shop floor hasn’t changed one bit: take care of your customers, don’t ship product you wouldn’t use, and always upgrade your technology. At the time, Hi-Tec was doing some state of the art steel processing. Today, as we install a new (laser cutter?), we are still striving to make better products that are delivered to our customers even faster.

cutting steel since 95

What will the next 25 years hold for Hi-Tec Profiles? More growth, more expansion into new markets, more community outreach, and more of the same old attitude that got us here.

Stay humble, stay hungry.