Laser, Tube Laser, Brakes, Rolls, Plasma Cutting & Torch Cutting

Buying direct from the mill here in Regina (Evraz) Hi-Tec’s stock is never low. Ranging from 6” Thick to 18 Ga Cold Roll & stock sizes ranging from 72” x 240” plates to 48” x 96” sheets. Speciality plates range from Alum. Stainless Steel, QT and AR in various grades.

Our Clients

Our clients are among some of the world’s most influential agricultural brands. The firm’s growth has happened organically. As the mining, power, and agricultural sectors expand, Hi-Tec’s clients have taken the firm with them, creating more demand, and simultaneously more work for the steel-processing firm. This expansion, driven by customer satisfaction continues to draw clients to Hi-Tec for a range of profile cutting and bending needs.

Hi-Tec’s major growth over the past two decades has been driven by the firm’s longstanding relationships with major industry leaders and repeat clientele continue to represent a large portion of the firm’s work. These returning customers are indicators of a job well done, and are the result of a company-wide commitment to doing what it takes to best serve the needs of each individual project.

Commitment to Service

Hi-Tec is backed by quality processes which underlie the company’s promise of reliability. Operating under stringent timelines is a challenge seen throughout the manufacturing sector, but it is our company’s commitment to open and honest communication with our clientele that continues to differentiate Hi-Tec from the pack.

The date we provide is the date we deliver. We are very upfront with our customers about delivery dates and on-time reliability.

Customer service is a key feature of the overall quality of Hi-Tec Profiles’ offerings and, thus, long-term customer relationships are a major focus for the business overall

Our Capabilities