lawn bowling sponsorship

Why Hi-Tec Profiles Supports Our Community

Any company that’s made it has done something right in the community in which they work. We aren’t so different – through the years we’ve sponsored many ball teams, hockey teams, events our staff were volunteering at and, well, anything we felt would make a difference in our very own backyards.

lawn bowling sponsorship

Up until recently, we’ve never talked about our community involvement, but it’s becoming more and more of a deciding factor when people are looking to hire Hi-Tec.

All things being equal, (sorry if I triggered a nightmare from Economics 100) if you were to buy custom cut and formed steel from two different companies for the same price, what would be the deciding factor? We don’t openly ask “what are you doing in the community?” It’s far more subtle. You see a logo at an event and say to yourself, “I didn’t know Hi-Tec Profiles sponsored the Lawn Bowling Tournament?!” Six months down the road when you’re looking for cut steel it dawns on you: “That Hi-Tec Profiles company could do it!”

The other not so obvious part of helping community organizations is that people feel obligated (inspired?) to help you back. Reciprocity is one of the powerful psychological triggers that Robert Cialdini talked about in “Influence: the Psychology of Persuasion”.

When you do nice things for others it comes back to you in a very good way. Biologically we don’t like having something nice done for us without being able to “return the favour” or simply reciprocate what was done to us.

This isn’t why we believe in supporting community organizations. For the most part, it’s to encourage employees to volunteer, serve on boards, and be a builder in the community where they live. But why can’t companies build up communities? Why can’t companies drive positive change through community initiatives?

You may not think it affects the grand scheme of things or that your company doesn’t have much to give, but it does matter. Small acts of kindness turn into big movements of generosity if nurtured properly.

Lastly, when you sponsor an event, team, or organization, and your logo appears on a poster or website, be proud. Many companies (some really big ones! Looking at you Apple!) don’t have a non-profit partner, many don’t sponsor events or teams. Many could leave the location they operate in and no one would even care. We don’t want to be like that, we want to grow our community, one non-profit at a time.

A Custom Fire Pit we made for the Pilot Butte Fire Department

Custom Built Fire Pit Custom Built Fire Pit Custom Built Fire Pit Custom Built Fire Pit